Pre-School: 3 & 4 year olds

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Click here to see our staff in our Pre-school rooms - Becky, Jade, Leah and Ellie

What they say...

Becky: "Each child is unique in thier own ways and being a part of their growth and development is amazing. Watching the children become more independent and confident makes my job worth while and I love it!"


About Pre-School:

Our 3 & 4 year old rooms are our Pre-School / Orange Rooms department with a staff:child ratio of 1:8.

In Pre-School your child will be encouraged to continue to explore their independence as well as challenge their capabilites. Pre-School reflects largely on the children's celebrations over achieving milestones and successes. Pre-School is very much child-led play, with the children choosing their activities and resources, with the staff stimulating a creative and curious mind, encouraging the children to think for themselves and to begin to overcome problem solving.

Pre-School tend to love their garden play, expressing themselves physically through powerful gross-motor skills. Group play is strongely encouraged and witnessed.

Our Pre-School offers both low level toilets, potties and low level sinks as well as nappy changing facilities - catering for every stage of your child's development. It's the aim in Pre-School for your child to be toilet trained if they're not already.

Pre-School's day to day activities discreetly promotes every child's 'school readiness', encouraging each child to think for themselves, be able to practice hygiene and self-care routines with ease and to form strong, confident self-esteems and self-awareness perceptions.

The September after your child turns 4 they will then begin their new journey...big school! Every year we have a 'School Leaver Graduation', celebrating the children's time with us and a lovely memory to say goodbye.

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