Green Room: 2 year olds

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Click here to see our staff in our Green Room - Tasha, Charlotte, Macie, Megan and Zoe

What they say...

Tasha: "I really enjoy seeing the children explore and ask questions. I love the relationships we form with the children and their parents. My favourite moments are during creative play and the children are laughing and having so much fun!"

Charlotte: "I enjoy watching the children flourish in their development and how content they are; I have good bonds with my key children and help them overcome any challenges they face; something I particuarly love is how much of an amazing and supportive team we all are"

Macie: " I enjoy watching the children thrive and develop in their own individual ways, seeing them become their own unique characters and just being able to be a part of it all"


About Green Room:

Our two year old rooms are our Green Room department with a staff:child ratio of 1:4.

In green room your child will be encouraged to explore their independence - reflecting value for their own choices and decisions, pouring their own drinks and mastering toilet training! The children experience sensory activities daily, developing their hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills - preparing for pre-school. In green room role play is reflected largely through available resources as the children love to pretend, explore and imitate experiences they have experienced.

The two year olds love exploring the natural aspects of the gardens, we supply wet suits so that they can jump in the muddy puddles!

Your child's routine is still followed providing a home-for-home experience and environment, if they need to nap throughout the day they have a room which is closed off for sleeping toddlers, providing a quiet and calming sleeping experience.

Our Green Room offers both low level toilets, potties and low level sinks as well as nappy changing facilities - catering for every stage of your child's development.

Upon the approach of your child's 3rd birthday they will be transitioned downstairs to our 3 & 4 year old room, our Pre-School. As parents you will be involved in this transition and meet your child's new key person. Your child's next chapter starts here, their last one before big school!

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