2-3 Year Olds

2-3 year olds, We start to encourage independence at this age such as toilet training, pouring their own drinks and valuing their own choices. Their environment reflects the EYFS throughout, With activities ranging from sensory play to role play, the children have access to the garden at least twice a day, where they can explore their natural environment as well as large physical activities. Write dance is introduced at this age, with a larger focus when they turn 3 years of age, We promote all children to have their own voice and value what each individual says.

A sleep room is available if your child requires a sleep and bedding is provided and washed weekly.

Every child will be provided with their own drinking bottle and access to fresh water throughout the day.

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We aim to provide a ‘Home-from-Home Environment’ for all children, maximising their comfort and well-being...

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